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J-Clip Wires to Breadboard Pins, Female

J-Clip Wires to Breadboard Pins, Female

SKU: CJ-F-20

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The CJ-F series wires have J-clip hooks and female sockets. They are great for making secure electrical off-board connections for your development board. The J-Clip grabs tightly to wires, parts, and pins to make a reliable connection. The J-Clip is better than alligator clips for connecting to connector header pins because it can connect to one pin without touching adjacent pins.


  • Wire is soldered to the clip (not just crimped) for a reliable connection.
  • J-clip securely grabs 0.1” header pins without touching adjacent pins.
  • Female socket connects securely to 0.1" square post headers using minimal space.
  • Set of 2 (Black & Red). 20cm overall length.

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