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Tobbie II with micro:bit

SKU: CKR-262

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Meet Tobbie II – upgraded version of Tobbie the Robot eager to be your coolest robot friend ever!

Tobbie II is the six legged robot that has a free rotation body – full 360 degrees, and it incorporates a tiny pocket size code-able microcomputer BBC micro:bit that has built-in compass, motion detection and Bluetooth technology. Pictorial instruction with all necessary electronics including motor, IR sensor and buzzer are supplied to build your own Tobbie II. Start coding in a flash with no software or drivers to be downloaded. Coding can be done from any web browser in Blocks, JavaScript or even Python on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. This pocket size microcomputer brings coding to a simple and interesting level for the budding engineers and programmers and combined with Tobbie II the adventure can only get more exciting.

Twelve programs for Tobbie II are already coded to start the fun immediately: Explorer, Follower, Sing & Dance, Light Tracker, Thermometer, Calculator, Rock-paper-scissor, Dice, Notice board, Compass, Bowling, Remote control APP for Android.
Note: micro:bit retains only the latest downloaded program. Whenever a new program is downloaded to micro:bit it will overwrite the existing program.


  • micro:bit included
  • System requirement: Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.6 or later, or Smartphone, or Tablet
  • Coding Editor: Block Editor, JavaScript, Python
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included)