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Solderless Breadboard with ZipWire™ kit

Solderless Breadboard with ZipWire™ kit


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A 400 tie-point Solderless BreadBoard and 10cm Male-to-Male ZipWires.


  • BB400 Breadboard Features:
  • 400 tie points total: 300 tie-point IC-circuit area plus two 50 tie-point distribution strips providing 4 power rails
  • Wire Size: 21 to 26 AWG
  • Peelable adhesive tape backing included
  • ZipWire™ Features:
  • Multi-color ribbons of 40 wires with male-male connectors in 10cm lengths
  • Ideal for use with solderless breadboards or to connect to square post headers or 0.1” pitch sockets
  • 28AWG ribbon cable can be unzipped to remove individual wires. Wires can be unzipped in groups to organize signals, or as individual wires
  • Contacts use tinned beryllium-copper in black plastic housings. PVC insulated ribbon cable.

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