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 ZipWire™ kit, 10cm, Pkg/120

ZipWire™ kit, 10cm, Pkg/120


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ZipWire™ provides a convenient way to connect the signals in your projects. The wires can be unzipped for individual wires as needed. The color-coding can be used to organize power, ground and other signal types to keep your circuit organized. The rainbow colored ribbon cable provides the 10 standard electrical colors. Each ZipWire ribbon provides 40 wires, four of each color.


  • Multi-color ribbons of 40 wires with male-male, female-female and male-female connectors in 10cm lengths.
  • Ideal for use with solderless breadboards, or to connect to square post headers or 0.1” pitch sockets.
  • Rainbow colored ribbon cable provides the 10 standard electrical colors to color-code your connections.
  • 28AWG ribbon cable can be unzipped to remove individual wires. Wires can be unzipped in groups to organize signals, or as individual wires.
  • Contacts use tinned beryllium-copper in black plastic housings. PVC insulated ribbon cable.