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Breadboard, 400 Holes, 54x83mm - White

SKU: MB-400

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Circuit-Test Solderless Breadboards allow you to easily assemble and test circuits without the use of solder, providing you with a quick and reliable method of prototyping.

This is a slightly shorter version of the original MB-102, with the same distribution strips, general layout and numbering great for prototyping smaller circuits.

Electrical connection is made by inserting your component lead through the 0.1" spaced holes to the spring clips mounted on metal strips within the ABS plastic board. These strips provide a common electrical connection so additional components can easily be added.

Breadboard rows and columns are numbered and lettered to assist in component placement and polarities marked on each strip power rail.


  • Dimensions: 54 x 83mm
  • 2 Distribution Strips, 1 Terminal Strip
  • 100 Distribution holes
  • 300 Terminal holes
  • White ABS plastic
  • Completely reuseable
  • Coloured coordinates for easy component placement
  • Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips - Rated for 50,000 insertions.
  • Accepts a variety of wire sizes (20-29 AWG)

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