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Battery Charger - 24VDC, 25A

Battery Charger - 24VDC, 25A


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This charger is a microprocessor-controlled, fully automatic device which uses switch-mode technology to change AC input voltage to DC output. These units have selectable AC input voltage, battery type (wet, AGM, Gel), and a battery with load option. The 'battery with load' setting deactivates the charger`s boost mode so the charger and battery together can safely act as a power supply.


  • Input: 120/230VAC (switchable)
  • Output: 24VDC @ 25A max.
  • 2/3 stage charging (switchable)
  • For all types of lead-acid batteries
  • Can be used as 24VDC power supply or UPS
  • Universal Protection Circuit: short circuit, overload, reverse battery polarity
  • Half Power Mode: reduces maximum charging current to half the rated capacity allowing for safe charging of lower capacity batteries
  • Temperature Compensated Charging Circuit prevents under/overcharging of battery during large temperature chages
  • Certifications: UL-1564, FCC Part 15 (B), Class B
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty