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Toner Transfer Sheet, Pkg/10

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Toner Transfer Sheet, Pkg/10


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Laser print or photocopy your circuit design onto this specially-coated paper, iron it onto a blank PC board and etch it as you normally would. In just three minutes you will have quickly and easily created a custom PCB - perfect for prototyping and short production runs! The Toner Transfer System (TTS) features specially treated, letter-size, lightweight paper that can run through any laser printer or photocopier. The printed image on the paper is simply ironed onto a blank copper board, placed in a tray of water to remove the paper and then into the etchant.


  • Create instant printed circuit boards, professional-looking enclosures and full-color decals
  • Works with any laser printer or photocopier
  • No chemicals, negatives or darkroom necessary
  • Great for prototyping and hobby work
  • Use with any copper-clad PCB stock
  • Includes 10 sheets of 8-1/2 x 11" transfer material